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Changing Lives. Together.

Join the Journey.

Join our Community.

Every Monday evening we gather online on Facebook and Youtube at 8pm EST.  Together we worship, we pray and we lift up the name of Jesus together.  

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Together we can support those struggling with addiction.

Together we can rescue a child from poverty.

Imagine an addict freed from addiction.

Imagine a child's life saved from poverty.

It may seem impossible that you can help make a difference in the lives of those struggling with addictions and in the lives of orphans around the world, but YOU can be that change.

Your monthly donation allows the message of hope to be spread to those struggling with addiction. It supports vulnerable children living in poverty so that they can grow up and be happy and healthy.

When you join the band by CLICKING HERE you are joining a community working together to give back to those in need. A portion of your donation helps sponsor a child through Holt International.  Your support also keeps the message of hope reaching those struggling with addiction through local organizations like Teen Challenge. You are also supporting the music which puts us in front of people who can affect change.  You are helping others hear the life-changing message of hope that we bring to every event.

You can be the difference in the lives of those struggling with addictions and orphans around the world.  

When YOU are that difference, lives are forever changed.


Frequently Asked Questions

To date, we have seen over 2500 children sponsored due to the combined efforts of everyone involved.  2500 lives saved.  We praise God for every life saved and all the people that have stepped up to save those lives.

To date we have seen over $7,500 given to the addiction and recovery community.

Over 15,000 bracelets have been put on the wrists of those in recovery or sold to help the cause.  The message of hope is unstoppable.


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