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#183 - Devotions Made Easy - Episode 155 - Grace.

Welcome to the devotions made easy podcast. Hosted by contemporary christian recording artist, worship leader & author davepettigrew. Join us each week as we take small snippets from God's word and make them easy to absorb, fun to listen to and relevant to your everyday life. We keep these devotions short and to the point. We know your busy but we also know that it's important to spend time in God's word each day. Thanks for being here. Be sure to hit the subscribe button. Thanks! Join our community at and get access to over 2000 written devotions over 200 video devotions, weekly worship videos, weekly bible studies, weekly worship livestreams, CD's, T-Shirts, Hats and more.  We're a community of friends seeking Jesus daily.  New content is being added each day.  There's over 500 hours of content in our member area.  The best part is that the first few dollars of your membership goes straight to helping us sponsor a child and saving a life. Thanks for being with us.


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